Ben P. Nguyen

School Projects

  • Interactive Database Website - CS373: Software Engineering
    Languages & Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JS (AngularJS 1.X), Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy), PostgreSQL
    Final project that spanned 6 weeks to emulate IMDB to track college universities. Worked in a team size of 5 students; I was responsible for the front-end of the website using AngularJS as well as writing the Python script to parse the data from the US government's API on college data. I was also responsible for hosting the website on Google Cloud Platform on the App Engine.
  • Implementation of the Gamma Join Architecture - CS373S: Software Design
    Language: Java
    Worked with a partner using pair programming to implement the Gamma Join Architecture within a single Java program using multiple threads and Java pipes. The program takes two relation files and two join keys to do a natural join.
  • Implementation of the AES Encryption - CS361: Intro to Computer Security
    Language: Java
    Worked with a partner using pair programming to implement AES-256, using 256-bit keys. The program takes in a text file to encrypt and another text file that contains the 256-bit key. The program will encrypt each line in the plaintext file and output the encrypted line to an output file.
  • Simple CRUD App in Java with Hibernate and MySQL - CS378: Modern Web Apps
    Languages & Frameworks: Java (Hibernate), MySQL
    Created a simple CRUD App to perform RESTful operations. Used Java Hibernate as the ORM to connect to a local MySQL database.


  • Crunchyroll List Downloader
    Languages: Shell
    Shell program that takes in a list of urls from Crunchyroll and download the episodes as well as the subtitles. Uses youtube-dl to download the videos. Created so that I didn't have to download each video of an anime separately. This makes my life easier as I can download multiple episodes back-to-back in one shell command.
  • Favorite List to Excel
    Languages & Frameworks: NodeJS (cheerio, json2xls, request)
    NodeJS script to get a user's list of favorite stories in excel. Made this because it was hard to keep track of my favorite stories on The table at doesn't have that much options to sort/filter and doesn't display all the information I wanted. This nodeJS script will scrape a user's list of favorite stories and extract all the data and info on the stories and put them into an array that holds each story as a JSON object. It will then convert the array of stories to a very basic excel sheet using json2xls